Kansas City Presents: GYDS 2


Batavus cylinder differences.

This is an email i just sent out to someone from MA, figured I would leave it here for searches and to just get the information out…

So, the biggest differences in the Batavus cylinders (20, 25, and 30mph) are the Squish Band on the cylinder side (I think the 30mph is about 3mm and the 20mph is closer to 6mm)

The exhaust port size, the window is always the same. There is a cast in “nub” of sorts right where the exhaust port enters into the window, grinding that down effectively raises your exhaust timing when you get rid of it.

I believe the transfers are always the same.

The reed cage / carb is the same, but jetting changes.

And the other difference is the header diameter (26mm for slower bikes, 28mm for faster models)

The easiest way to tell what version your cylinder is is by header size, but it is also cast into the cylinder (1, 2, or 3) however isn’t stamped in the pistons like Puch cylinders are.

I think that’s pretty much it.. Hope it helps!

Also, MB5 got a fresh paint job while I was redoing some of the wiring and adding a taillight, I’ll post on that later though.

$4 x 10ft paint job

MA Batavus threads to watch

A note more for myself, but also anyone out there way into Batavus.

1977 Batavus HS-50 time
Batavus Overbore Qestions

Over a year. Sorry, so…. New builds?

I look and think of this blog every week, almost every week have another project that I am working on, but haven’t made it to actually post in over a year, yikes!

So, whats a years worth of mopeds look like?

Build Rigid Freespirit
Get Moby 50v
Get Peugeot 103
Get Peugeot 103
Sell first 103
Trade second 103
Get Tomos in trade
Rebuild MB5
Put MB5 in basement
Pull MB5 back out, don’t touch for 2 weeks
Throw a rally
Ride the fuck out of the Freespirit
Put MB5 back in basement, build.
Ride the fuck out of MB5
Start building a new Batavus.

So, Batavus and I have had a torrid relationship. My first bike was an ’81 Starflite top tank, beautiful, ran like crap, I learned all of my base moped knowledge on that thing. And, I’ve been neglecting the bike (though now I have 3 of them, egh) it’s time to revisit it.

So, with that, first post in many to come about the lowly Batavus and it’s trip to a new birth in PedCave 2.

The frame being used is the same frame that I started with 5 years ago, a Batavus Starflite toptank.

First off, hydraulic forks; my rigid freespirit also has hydros, they are from a CRF50. The ones I am using on this build are similar, but a knock version. Whats the first step in modifying a frame? Measure everything, then measure it again. After you know how much you need to take off the frame, get out a tube cutter.

And wahla! Got yourself a smaller frame.

Okay, so remember when I said measure twice? — Make that 3 times. And Maybe a fourth:

I had to make two cuts on the frame, but there still isn’t a enough room to allow the steer tube to come out enough for threading, so I am going to have to modify the top tripple tree. Anyone have any suggestions?

That’s it for now! Getting the MB5 ready for the Cold Trailers Rally (GYDS 2011), so photos on that beast coming up later in the week.

John Rob’s Spokes / Holmes Hobbies.

So, my buddy and rider in Columbia, MO (Mid MOpeds) has decided to start selling / building custom laced wheels for mopeds. I had him do a wheel for me a few months ago for my Rigid Freespirit. Just wanted to throw some information up here for him and photos of wheel he did for me.

Link to the thread on MA

simple addition.

Cannot wait! More to come soon.

broken dreams & bloody knees.

So, MB5 and I wrecked with each other a couple of weeks ago. After that I knew it was time to pour some money into more appropriate things on the guy. I got new tires and spent some time cleaning her up.

Come time to put on the 2.75″ Gazelles. (Ugh, not gonna be fun), I get the old dry-rotted shit tire off, and low and behold. Previous owner not only bent the Axle (at least, I’m 90% sure it wasn’t me when I wrecked), but stuffed a 19″ tube inside of the 18″ tire. Durgh.

So, this is where it sits right now, getting a tube today, and some paint/steel wool to clean up the wheels.

In other moped news:
Broke down the Polini cases. The cases (transmission drain plug) and cylinder (exhaust studs stripped) need welding.

Need to fix these issues on the Freespirit:
Move seat forward for stability.
Make better/new/actual spacers for the clipons.
Need to move pegs forward.
Sealed Bearings? New wheel lacing? 17″ Mag in the back? Something with the rear wheel.
Steering Damper.
Fork fluid.